From Hell

by The Gladiators of 2037

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This album tells two stories: the story of Jack the Ripper as told by Alan Moore in his graphic novel "From Hell," and the story of our lives over the past few years. We worked very hard to achieve a cohesive blend of fiction and fact, narrative and emotion, hopelessness and triumph. Hopefully you get something out of this record because we have put a lot of ourselves into it's creation.

"Is Death a door from time into a new lucidity?"


released December 30, 2015



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The Gladiators of 2037 New Jersey

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Track Name: Ascending
You are the moon
I am the stars
Burnt out for years before you've noticed I'm gone
Your portrait of time stands still
Leave me behind
Like the words on the page
In time we fade
Trapped in hollow suspending
I am ascending
Track Name: An Anatomy Lesson
My brain is useless
My body is stupid
My heart is the only muscle left inside my bones
It’s shattering my ribcage as she’s taking off her clothes
Why, oh, why?
The world will never know
But I was just a boy with a lack of self-control
Does that make me an asshole?
This is a song that I shouldn’t write
But the words are bleeding out through the cracks in my skull
And now you wish you were dead
Track Name: Nostalgic Heart
I know better than to apologize while you’re breathing down my neck
Pulling thoughts out of my head
I hope you know these words are acid in my throat
Eating through the promises I couldn’t keep
From making a monster out of me
When I touched you I lost the last good part of myself
Kissed him goodbye, until I see you again
Until then, I’m a liar
I’ll write down all my sorrows
But your name is scribbled on the paper with the words I couldn’t say
It’s only skin deep until it’s opened up
If I’m telling the truth:
I’m sorry but I loved you
Can you see it now
That I loved you, and how
I saved you from time
Wed in the legend of our crime
A new pulse starts your Nostalgic Heart
Track Name: Woman of the Night
The cold crashes in so suddenly
I was always living half dead, I was never free
Now right and wrong is but a mystery
I’m all fucked up
Bitch why won’t you look at me?
In this world I’m God
So can’t you see I want you to be a part of it?
Are you all alone?
Who will miss you when you're gone?
Tell your pretty little eyes who’s in charge of these parts
You’ve got something I want
You can say that you don’t want it
But you can’t stop my eyes burning holes in your clothes
They’re like a bullet heading straight through your skull
Yeah I’m fucking in the head
I’m already dead and you’re next
You’re so pretty walking all alone
The next piece to add to my collection
You’ve been living the wrong way
I’m the sun, you’re the moon
Let Good Apollo destroy you
And consume your brain
Track Name: Mary Kelly
I saved you for last, I want you out of the streets
I thought that we deserved some privacy
We’ve all got secrets to keep.
I want to take things slowly
Don’t want to miss a thing you’ve got to show me
This history lesson has been etched in the streets and engraved in their minds
The price of love is finally killing you
You’ve been waiting your whole life through
On your God to come and rescue you
The cold confides in us
It makes excuses for me
If you’re on business you’re mighty under-dressed
Why aren’t you scared of this?
So eager to embrace what you deserve
We’ll burn in Hell for sure
Beg forgiveness from Jesus Christ the Lord
Where is your God now?
Has he fallen absent as you’re calling out
To beg forgiveness for the life you chose
The things you did
The sins you can’t forgive on your own
The price of love is killing you
You've been waiting your whole life through
You've been waiting
You've been waiting on
Track Name: The Twentieth Century
Who am I, what have I done?
Have I brought upon the end, or has the new world just begun?
Could it be you, or just what you meant to me?
For better or worse I’ve delivered the 20th century
Will I ever see you again?
You know I’ve always wished you well.
Wait for fact verses fiction
Will you ever see the truth, or do you still see yourself as the victim?
Well maybe, I could be wrong
It was never meant to be you, but I still loved you all along
I’ll wait forever
Scribbled in this letter
Are my best wishes to you, from Hell
Welcome to the 20th Century
Even when there’s nothing left of me
They’ll still gaze amazed at my masterpiece
There is so much more to see
In the 20th Century

"Now there is only decent; only the valley. If only I had died that night in the Light Above the Cloudline."
Track Name: What is the Fourth Dimension?
I fought it back
I held it deep inside
It turns out there are some things that I can't hide
Boiling urge bubbling through my skin
Here it is
It's coming out again!
It's not me (I can't stand it)
It's not you (God dammit)
It must just be something inside my head
I don't know what's happening
Welcome to the long lost comfort of being afraid
Open your eyes (and see the monster that you made)
I'm not a bad boy
This situation is out of hand
I'm doing everything that I can
To keep my head straight
And my hands clean
The fourth dimension has got the best of me
Track Name: The Murders at White Chapel
A total loss of all control that I never saw coming
Would you hold on, or let me go
If death is all you have left to know
I’m pathetic lost without it
I’ll find you by night, hiding under a streetlight
I’m secluded in my nightmares
Haunting city streets, are a dreamscape of memories
Hush now, darling
Don’t say a word
In this royal blunder lines are blurred
Close your eyes
And forget about the time
Everything is eventual
Close your eyes
And forget about the time
Start to dream before you fall asleep
Because when you wake you will be a constellation
I am a monument
I am the cracks in the cement
I am the blank page in your diary
Saved in hopes of better days