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released August 14, 2013

Thank you Brian for giving me your microphone. Thank you to the Dirty Thirties in general, but not Brian. Thank you Jimmy V for being our biggest fan besides Mr and Mrs Carolan. Thank you everyone that has ever enjoyed our music. And the biggest thank you of all to the sound guy at Jefferson Day.



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The Gladiators of 2037 New Jersey

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Track Name: The Killing Joke
I'm afraid that I just might be
the hero you deserve, but not the white knight you need
Why so serious?
Well, I'm seriously mad indeed.
It's so hard to get a grip on life
What should I believe?
Turn the city inside out and against itself.
Don't wear the mask.
You can't just let this pass,
so just take off the mask.
It's not a joke to me.
Track Name: The Sun
I see you.
You see me.
Ain't that exactly how it's supposed to be?
Can you tell that I don't have the heart to lie?
Can you tell I'm afraid?
That's how you know I'm here to stay.
I'll stare at the sun
until my eyes burn black and I realize just what I've done,
but it won't mean a thing to me,
when I close my eyes you're all that I see.
Every day it's the same.
Every day you're the one thing on my mind.
Track Name: V
A mask is just a face with something underneath.
It's not flesh or bone,
just eyes and nose and teeth.
But it is something more and it never will be gone
It is an idea, and it will carry on.
There is no gun that can destroy my idea.
It can shatter love, but can never shatter fear.
But as quickly as they come, ideas don't disappear.
They can stay stay for days, or they can even stay for years.
She washed her hands in someone's blood.
I knew then, it couldn't be love.
It then occurred to me why society just couldn't be free.
Remember! Remember!
They always will!
Our endless vendetta
is burning still!
Deep, deep inside
you know the truth!
You can't kill me.
Ideas are bullet proof!
Track Name: I Hope You Die
Every time I look up at the shining sky
I stop and wonder all the ways I'd love to see you die.
Every time I see your face it takes me to a distant place.
The rage builds up inside and I won't rest until I see you die.
Is it wrong I hope you die tonight?
Is it wrong I hope you don't make it out alive?
I just really hope you die.
Track Name: Sky Walker
I've always had such fantastic dreams.
Now they're becoming a reality.
I've always kept my head up in the stars.
Now I'm going to see them all.
No one could tear me from my pride,
from the Emperor's right hand on the Dark Side.
This is my place and I belong.
No one can take me from my throne.
If dreams are all I have,
will I let my fears drive me mad?
Will I be consumed by my hate?
I don't control my own fate.
I've been on both sides of things.
It's only brought out the worst in me.
Track Name: Blood Suckers
Since that night you first became part of my life,
I felt your cold. That's how I know you're here to stay.
Until your last never-ending day.
I feel so safe, I feel so hunted.
You are my ghost. You keep me hunted.
If a little drop of blood would give you the proper nudge,
drain my bones.
Since that day,
I knew you were here to stay.
You'd keep me safe.
I couldn't run far enough away before you'd catch me.
I know what you are.
I'm not afraid of your darkness.
Won't you change me?
Track Name: Magic Man
I'll be there when the pledge comes to turn.
I won't be there when the prestige comes around.
If I deceive you, please don't be afraid.
If I see you're in trouble we'll make our great escape.
All eyes are on me now.
But they're pondering someone they'll never figure out.
I'm not the only one.
And I the man in the box,
or the one that's not?