What's Eating You?

by The Gladiators of 2037


The Gladiators of 2037 New Jersey

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Track Name: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Are my actions not my own? Day by day the page unfolds. Controlled by fate time passes by, lost in a dreamer's damaged mind. Should I bury my dreams here with you? Goodbye blue Monday. Can you hear them say, "Goodbye blue Monday, does it have to end this way?" I live my life through your mirrored eyes, as your greatest character I die. So on it goes on; this breakfast of champions. Goodbye blue Monday. It's all over now.
Track Name: Time Turner
Would you turn back the time for a chance to make things right? As it's counting down the moments of your life. One day's not enough, as the sun falls down and the moon climbs up. Will you vanish as your bones turn into dust? Because your days are numbered, and the future is creeping in. You lost the sun while waiting for the chance to turn it back again. Back to when you were younger, and the future seems so bright. Everything was distant, waiting. Seconds fade, consuming every day. One regret's not enough. Will you take them back and reclaim your life, or will you vanish as your bones turn into dust? Waiting until the moment is right.
Track Name: Mind Control Experiment No.7: Women of the Prehistoric Planet
The women of the prehistoric planet, with hearts as soft as a porcupine, I'm gonna to take you to space, I'm gonna make you mine. Flying through space and time, looking for a babe to find. I've got to make her mine. Their voices will make you die. Their sonic screech goes up so high. Out of the corner of my eyes: from the crash-site I was saved by the prehistoric babes. You have been here for the longest time. Why have you been so damn hard to find? Their hair blows in the wind. In the toxic oxygen. Where should I begin?
Track Name: Getting Rough
When's enough? When's enough? I tried to make things right but that only makes it rough. Sunsets, and heart breaks, tough luck, and dark days. The things we can't take back trying not to grow up; in basements, and on train tracks. Did things end too fast? Are you afraid they'll disappear in time? It's all I have to give. It's not enough to make it breathe the way it did. It's all I've got to take. It's not enough to make it end the way I'd like. It's closing in on me now. One memory should turn things back around.
Track Name: American
American, live as you live. So I'm a psycho because you don't get my routine? What you're seeing isn't what it seems to be. So I strive for perfection the only way I know I can. You made me like this. You made me the way I am. It's all in my head: I want to see her dead. It's the only way I know how to live. Maybe I'm crazy. Yeah well I'm insane. It's my escape to her her scream.
Track Name: The Pit
I had it all, but lost it all in time. After the fall you must learn to rise. Don't let it stop you now. Don't let it get you down. The darkest days are sneaking in. There's a whisper on the wind. When hope is all you have, hold onto the past. There's a storm on the horizon. You fade away as the night begins.
Track Name: What's Eating You?
This place is not my home. I live wherever you may be. When the siren calls I know you're far from here. When the year comes around I hope I can do the same. I can try to let you in, but secrets block the doors. When they come to pass I'll try to keep them in my sights. As soon as darkness falls I'll let the flames consume them up. I'll watch the embers fade as a part of me is escapes. As the smoke ascends I hope it becomes the air you breathe. Don't shut me up, pull me out of myself. Maybe I'll catch you next time around. I want a new start, to make it last like it's the only thing I have.
Track Name: Spooky Houses
I've made my home in spooky places no one dares to go. I'm not afraid of the dark, the real blackness lies inside my thoughts. Do you think that you're better off with a candle light flickering on? Your eyes will only scare you. You're better off in the dark. There's a light glowing outside your window. It calls you in and though you try and fight, it won't let go. But my favorite story is the one when they found your body, but they never found your heart bloody and ripped outside your rib cage, held still beating in my palm. In spooky houses.
Track Name: Secret Window, Secret Garden
From the seeds of your embrace grow the roots that feed my hate. Reaching at a faster pace grow the fruits that plant your fate. Bury your secrets here in my garden, and in time they'll be forgotten. If you die, I might finally crack a smile. I can't help but see the humor in the poor choice of your last words.